Effective Practices Toolkit

Resources on successful programs, policies, and services other colleges are providing DREAMers

Working and Graduate Opportunities for Undocumented Students

An overview of alternative ways to earn a living without work authorization, as well as information about funding available for undocumented students interested in pursuing graduate/professional school.


Suggestions to address Mental Health needs

Lists what adults can do to support youth, signs of mental distress, messages of hope and action, and a list of mental health resources.

After the Elections- Effective Practices to Support Scholars

effective-practices-to-support-scholars-11-21-2016-thumbnailWe have assembled a list of how other colleges are supporting our Scholars and other undocumented students (last updated 11/29).

Webinar on Practices to Support DREAMers Post-Election

supporting-dreamers-post-election-thumbnailThis PPT showcases practices Partner Colleges are putting in place to support DREAMers after the recent elections.   To listen to a recording of the webinar click here.

TheDream.US Ally Training Presentation

the-dreamus-ally-training-presentation-thumbnailThis presentation can be used in its entirety or it can be customized to train college faculty, staff and administrators on the barriers DREAMers face and how colleges can provide a supportive environment where DREAMers can thrive and graduate.

Ally Training Pre-Work Packet

pre-work-packet-thumbnailThe Following files may be send to Ally Training Participants before the Training Day to read and do some pre-work.

Immigration Experiential

immigration-experiential-thumbnailAccompanying document to Ally Training Presentations to carry out exercise mentioned in presentation.

Situational Role Play

situational-role-play-thumbnailAccompanying document to Ally Training Presentations to carry out another exercise mentioned in presentation.

Ally Training Evaluation

ally-training-evaluation-thumbnailTo give out to Ally Training attendees to collect feedback on training.

UWDN Institutional Toolkit

uwdn_institutionaltoolkit-thumbnailThis toolkit helps educators work with their institutions to increase the resources and support systems available to undocumented students at their school. It provides a variety of information and highlights effective practices implemented by universities across the nation. The toolkit was developed by United We Dream Network, the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation.