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For Businesses Immigrants make our nation and economy stronger

Immigrants have long been a source of strength for our nation — building America, driving business creation, fueling innovation, strengthening communities, and bolstering our middle class.

Dreamers make up a committed, college-educated, and diverse pool. They drive business creation, fuel innovation, and strengthen our communities.

They’ve been a source of strength for our nation — building America, driving business creation, fueling innovation, and strengthening communities.

They are diverse, multicultural, resilient, and highly motivated.

The Challenge

Businesses want to build and grow diverse and inclusive workforces in the face of labor shortage.

Immigrants who came to this country as children – often called Dreamers – have grown up here, are attending and graduating from our colleges and universities and are eager to be a part of the social and economic fabric of our country.

They are diverse, multicultural, resilient, and highly motivated – with college degrees in STEM, health care, business, and the social sciences, to name a few.

Today, 600,000 immigrants with DACA have lawful presence and work authorization. 200,000 are essential workers, including nearly 30,000 health care workers, like doctors and nurses.

Likewise, 80,000 immigrant youth with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) have been living and legally working in the United States for decades: building their families and contributing to their communities and our nation’s economy.

And for the thousands of undocumented high school and college Dreamers who are no longer able to get DACA and work authorization, they can provide services as independent contractors, start their own businesses, and be owner-members of workers’ cooperatives…just as immigrants have done throughout this country’s history.

This multi-cultural talent pool is critical to U.S. businesses as they seek to grow and build their businesses in the face of an acute labor shortage.

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America is stronger when Dreamers have opportunities to succeed — in colleges and in classrooms and other workplaces around the country.

Homar Rodriguez Student Success Coach, Randolph Community College
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The Dreamers at Apple are members of our collective family. With creativity and passion, they’ve made us a strong, more innovative American Company.

Tim Cook Apple CEO

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