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Networking is the process of making connections and building relationships. These connections can help you during your career exploration and planning process by providing you with advice, mentorship, opportunities (i.e., internships, fellowships, independent contracting, etc.) and additional contacts. Examples of networking can include joining clubs, talking to peers and professionals, attending virtual and in-person events, etc.

Career Community

Current Scholars – are you interested in exploring and learning about entrepreneurial career pathways? Are you looking for career mentorship and community? If yes, TheDream.US invites you to apply to participate in a Career Community, in partnership with Immigrants Rising! Click here to learn more. Applications are now closed.


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site. It is used by professionals in hundreds of industries, making it a great tool for career exploration and networking. LinkedIn has a free version that is very robust with free resources and features.

LinkedIn Resources:

TheDream.US Professional Conference Grants

Professional conferences are great networking opportunities that allow you to make connections and build relationships with professionals in your field of interest. Knowing that attending professional conferences can be costly, TheDream.US offers Conference Grants to Scholars to assist them with associated conference travel expenses.

For more information on how to apply and eligibility requirements, visit our Professional Conference Grants page.

Mango Connects

MANGO Connects is a free tool that coaches students/alumni through networking, starting with the outreach email or message. MANGO provides step-by-step help on writing customized networking emails, having productive informational interviews, and managing one-on-one networking. MANGO helps make networking easy, effective, and more natural. MANGO’s mission is to make the networking experience effective and more accessible especially for first-to-college, non-native English speakers, and underrepresented communities.

Visit mangoconnects.com or watch this short video to learn more.