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Immigration Resources

  • Immigration Q & A – We host monthly virtual gatherings over zoom where Immigration Attorney Sui Chung answers Scholars’ immigration-related questions.
  • How to Renew Your DACA in 2023 – This is a comprehensive guide on how to complete and submit your DACA renewal online or via mail, and funding resources to help with the fee.
  • DACA Renewal Grants – It is imperative that you renew your DACA on time. USCIS requests​ that you submit your DACA renewal 150 days before it expires. A year lapse of your DACA (meaning your DACA has expired for a year or more) will deem your request an initial request. USCIS is not permitted to approve initial DACA requests or accompanying applications for employment authorization at this time. TheDream.US has partnered with Mission Asset Fund (MAF) to provide the $495 DACA renewal fee for current Scholars. Select “TheDream.US” for how did you learn about MAF. If you are having trouble with your application you can email them at: [email protected]
  • Traveling with Advance Parole in 2023 – This guide contains information on advance parole and what to expect before, during, and after traveling abroad.
  • Immigrationhelp.org – This nonprofit that helps Dreamers prepare their DACA renewals and other immigration forms for free. Their eligibility and form prep tools are designed by a team of immigration legal experts.
  • National Immigration Legal Services Directory – Use this resource to search for immigration legal services providers by state, county, or detention facility. Only nonprofit organizations that provide free or low-cost immigration legal services are included in this directory.
  • Immigration Legal Intake Service – This is a screening tool from Immigrants Rising where you can learn what options are available to you for adjusting your immigration status
  • Guide for Undocumented Individuals Traveling in the U.S – Read this guide if you’re thinking of traveling as an undocumented person (with or without DACA) and are curious about how to travel safely.

How To Purchase a Home as an Undocumented Person

Watch this Home Buying 101 information session specifically for DACA and TPS recipients presented by TheDream.US Alumni Network, in collaboration with Living Premises and PRMG.

Filing Taxes as a DACA/TPS Recipient or ITIN Holder

Get answers to questions about filing your taxes as a DACA/TPS recipient, or using an ITIN.