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Edwin Herrera

Edwin Herrera, 24, from Florida, born in Honduras

I like the saying that he who gives a future to one person, gives a future to a thousand others. Through the sacrifices of my parents and this scholarship, I have a promising future. I want help give the same chance to others. We risked it all to come here, and I am so glad we did, because I wouldn’t have wanted to grow up in any other country. I was treated well by my teachers, my peers, my soccer teammates, and my wider community while growing up and going to school in America, for which I am grateful. I value the sense of community and support this country has given me. It was incredibly important for us to come to this country– Honduras had become a country of blood and little hope. If we wanted to survive and have any shot at a better life, the trip across the border, though risky, was crucial. I was eight years old when my parents and I came to this country by foot. Of course there have been difficult moments in my life, and I imagine those moments — when I have seriously questioned my future because of my status — will continue to plague my mind throughout my life. Not having documentation is always in the back of my mind; it is a lingering thought that I can never seem to shake. This thought, however, also fuels me to push myself to achieve success and pursue my passions, largely by pursuing a higher education, with the help of TheDream.US scholarship. I completed my associate’s degree in arts last year, and am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in landscape architecture. TheDream.US gave me this future and this opportunity and, now, I am equipping myself with the means to give a bright future to a thousand others. I plan to help support TheDream.US in any way I can, whether that means telling my story, making phone calls to prospective students, or simply leading by example. I want to reach my personal best in school and my professional life, but I also want to help others achieve the same. Despite the obstacles and the challenges that are a direct result of being an immigrant, particularly an undocumented immigrant in this country, the payoff is always greater, and the good outweighs the bad. Remaining positive throughout my life has given me the direction and energy I need to forge my own path, together with the support of family, mentors, and, now, this scholarship.