TheDream.US Partner College Hub

Partner College Portal

Welcome to our Partner College Portal – a place where you can find the information you need about our partnership and our scholarship programs, and where we can share effective practices that help address barriers and challenges facing DREAMers.

Our partnership is the cornerstone to achieve our shared goals:

  • Provide access to colleges where Scholars have the opportunity to excel academically and graduate prepared to join the work force
  • Work together to address barriers and challenges faced by DREAMers in completing a college education
  • Achieve a 75% graduation rate

The information below will answer your questions and give you tools to support your work. We hope you find them useful.

The Latest News
All emails sent to the Partner Colleges and a list of key upcoming dates

Partnership Toolkit
Documents describing our partnership, roles, contacts at all Partner Colleges, and anything related to understanding our partnership

Scholarship Toolkit
Descriptions of how the National and Opportunity Scholarship Programs work for Scholars and Partner Colleges

Promotion Toolkit
Tools, guidelines, and collateral materials to help you promote our partnership and the scholarship to prospective applicants

Assessment Toolkit
Tools to help your institution assess policies and practices that address the barriers facing DREAMers in college

Effective Practices Toolkit
Descriptions of successful programs, policies, and services other colleges are providing DREAMers