Effective Practices Toolkit

Resources on successful programs, policies, and services that TheDream.US, partner organizations and PCs are providing to Undocumented Students





Career Pathways for Undocumented Students: What Colleges and Employers Need to Know (July 2022)

(PDF link here)



Career Services Practitioners: What to know when advising Undocumented students (Mar 2022)


Career Pathways for DREAMers – What Every Career Services Professional Needs to Know (Aug 2021)

This session informs about: Who DREAMers are and what they bring to the businesses and organizations; How to support DREAMers with DACA or TPS in obtaining strong 1st jobs out of college; Career pathways available to DREAMers, without work authorization; and Effective practices you can use to support DREAMers in being “career ready”. PDF



How Colleges are Helping DREAMers Launch their Careers (Sept 2021)

  We shared data on Scholars’ career support needs, how alumni are doing after college, and how colleges are supporting DREAMers. PDF

Career Services Directory – Google Drive (Sept 2021)

See what career supports our Partner Colleges are offering undocumented students.  This is a helpful tool to connect with other career staff to help you implement similar practices.  If there is a career service your college is providing to Dreamers, please add it to the Directory so we can have a robust and up-to-date tool.

TheDream.US Career Pathways for DREAMers Series – Part 1 (Nov 2020)

Sharing career opportunities, effective practices, and resources for helping DREAMers launch their careers. PDF (both parts)

TheDream.US Career Pathways for DREAMers Series – Part 2 (Nov 2020)

Sharing career opportunities, effective practices, and resources for helping DREAMers launch their careers. PDF (both parts)

TheDream.US Career Connections Employer Fact Sheet – August 2021 (PDF Here)

AMERICA’S DREAMers: What you need to know about this growing talent pool

TheDream.US Career Connections Job Seeker Fact Sheet – August 2021 (PDF here)

DACA and TPS Holders: What you need to know as a job seeker


TheDream.US Guide to Launching your Career 2020-2021

Guide for Scholars organized by year in college – PDF


TheDream.US Career Connections Hub

Hub for Scholars and Alumni to see all career-related opportunities offered by TheDream.US and our partners.

TheDream.US Career Connections – Growing Talent Pool (Oct 2020)

Presentation to raise awareness and knowledge among employers – PDF

ILRC: DACA Workers’ Rights Guide (Oct 2020)

This guide is meant to answer some of the most common questions regarding DACA recipients and their rights in the workplace – PDF

How to Create Non-Employment Based Fellowships and Other Funding Opportunities for Undocu Students (April 2020)

An in-depth webinar to help college administrators and faculty explore options to create non-employment-based fellowships and other funding options for undocumented students. Speakers addressed support for undocumented students, funding options, research and teaching fellowship structures, internship opportunities, and other initiatives. PDF | Recording


Alternative Income and Career Options for Undocumented Students: How Colleges can Help (March 2020)

Learn how colleges can establish fellowships that are not employment-based; provide entrepreneurial classes or programs; and refer students to business ventures, independent contracting, and worker cooperatives. PDF | Recording

Immigrants Rising: 5 Tips for Educators to Help Students Get Started as Independent Contractors/Freelancers

Guide detailing the basics of income generation regardless of immigration status – PDF 

Disclosing your Status during Job Search/Interviews (June 2019)

TheDream.US grads Sadhana and My Ford give two perspectives on why they choose to disclose and not disclose their status, as well as basic tips on how to navigate the interview process with DACA or TPS – Video

Parker Dewey – How It Works

Parker Dewey connects Scholars and Alumni to employers who offer paid Micro-Internships – small work projects (20 – 40 hrs) where they can demonstrate their skills, explore career paths, develop their professional network and build their resume – PDF

DREAMer-friendly Companies

A comprehensive list of companies that signed a pro-DACA amicus brief submitted to the Supreme Court of The United States or are TheDream.US Employer Partners – PDF Here

Rutgers Career Services Virtual Career Expo for Dreamers (March 2019)

Agenda and access to recording – PDF


Colorado State University (CSU) Career Center Initiative to Support DREAMers (March 2019)

The Career Center has launched an initiative to provide DREAMers with the foundation they will need to earn a living post-graduation, as well as seeking to provide experiential learning opportunities for professional development and internship completion during the college years – PDF



For all PC Staff: Supporting the Mental Health of Undocumented Students (Feb 2020)

In this Info Session we present on how to respond to the mental health needs of students, refer them to counseling services in a way that they will access those services, and share effective practices and programs offered by some Partner Colleges. Led by Elizabeth Hernandez and presenters from DSU and ESU. PDF | Recording

For Mental Health Liaisons: Learning Circle on Counseling Undocumented Students (Feb 2020)

This is a learning circle for mental health providers to learn, discuss and share effective practices and challenges in serving undocumented college students. Facilitated by Elizabeth Hernandez, PhD, Staff Therapist at UCLA’s Counseling Center, co-chair of CA Psychological Association’s Immigration Task Force, and our Wellness Advocate. PDF


Effective Practices in the Time of COVID: What Scholars are telling us (Oct 2020)

A working session where we discussed what our Scholars said about their experiences this past year in TheDream.US 2019-20 Scholar Survey, focusing on the impact of COVID-19 on college, career, and personal livelihood; and how this can inform institutional practices in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. PPT | Recording


COVID-19 Crisis and the Impact on Undocumented/DACA Students and Their Families: What Campus Leaders Need to Know (April 2020)

Presidents’ Alliance and TheDream.US – This one-hour briefing featured immigration, legal, policy, and student support experts who will address the issues affecting undocumented/DACA students and their families, the applicability of COVID-19 legislation and other relief measures to undocumented immigrant populations and DACA recipients in particular, the impact of government immigration-related actions in the wake of the crisis, and emergent student needs. PPT | Recording


Supporting Undocumented Students via Resource Centers (Oct 2018)

TheDream.US, UndocuScolars, and The Presidents’ Alliance: Presented the findings of two new studies: “In Their Own Words, Higher Education, DACA & TPS: Results from a National Survey of TheDream.US Scholars;” and “Undocumented Student Resource Centers (USRCs): Institutional Supports for Undocumented Students.” Leaders from USRCs discussed their effective practices and how to start, run, and sustain these centers. PDF | Recording


For Facilitators: Implementing and Sustaining Undocu-Ally Workshops (CUNY – April 2018)

Provided faculty and staff at CUNY with effective practices and resources for supporting undocumented students and serving as an ally for this student population by training facilitators to hold Ally Workshops on a regular basis – PDF

CUNY UndocuAlly Workshop (April 2018)

To provide faculty and staff at CUNY with effective practices and resources for supporting undocumented students and serving as an ally for this student population – PDF