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Immigrants Like Us is a nonprofit that helps Dreamers prepare their DACA renewals or marriage green card application. Using their Turbotax-like web application, you can prepare your forms which are reviewed by an expert before filing, all for free.


Graduate School

Navigating Graduate School: Resource Guide for Undocumented Students

Guide details legal and practical concerns of undocumented students who wish to pursue graduate school. Topics addressed include the application process, accessing financial aid, transportation, employment, taxes and resources for support.


Graduate School Mini-Conference Resource List

 Graduate School Mini-Conference Resource List

Created by: TheDream.US & Carolina Valdivia – August 2021 


Dreamer Graduate Loan Program

ABC of Loans

Financial Education Workshop Dreamers Graduate Loan Program


Evaluating Graduate School as an Investment


1.Roadmap to Evaluating Graduate School as an Investment of Money & Time

2.Researching your Career Path

3.Choosing your Degree Program

4.Selecting your Institution

5.Financing Graduate School with Loans


▪Provide insight into how to determine whether graduate school is worth the cost

▪Discuss ways to finance graduate school, including whether private loans would be appropriate

List of Resources for Choosing a Degree and Institution

Podcast Wall Street Journal Is Graduate School Worth the Price?  A WSJ podcast episode that explains why some graduates of elite universities seem to have low post-school earnings and struggle to pay back their student loans.
Article Wall Street Journal Is a Graduate Degree Worth the Debt? Check It Here  WSJ built a tool where you can enter the graduate program you want to pursue and compare the debt-to-income ratios of all of the schools that offer that program in the US for which there is sufficient data.
Article Wall Street Journal Graduates of Elite Master’s Programs Don’t Earn Enough to Pay Down Loans  Four key takeaways on why some graduates of elite master’s programs have difficulty repaying their student loans.
Article Wall Street Journal ‘Financially Hobbled for Life’: The Elite Master’s Degrees That Don’t Pay Off  An in-depth investigation into the master’s programs at some of the top universities in the US and the graduates who fear they won’t earn enough to pay off their six-figure loans.
Article ABA Journal This law school had the widest gap between student debt and graduate earnings An analysis of the debt levels law school students assume and their ability to begin to repay that debt 2 years after graduation based on their earnings.
Article The Chronicle of Higher Education The Great Masters Degree Swindle Examines the business motivations behind masters degrees for higher education institutions, which lead to high debt and low earnings for many masters degrees.
Article The Atlantic A Crimson Tide of Debt Analyzes the steeply rising costs of public universities using the University of Alabama as a case study and the mounting debt they require students to take on regardless of earnings post-graduation.
Article CNBC Is a master’s degree worth it? Investigates under what conditions master’s degrees are worth the investment through a series of individual case studies.