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Professional Conference Grants

Professional Conference Grants

Professional conferences are great networking opportunities that allow you to make connections and build relationships with professionals in your field of interest. They are also a great way for you to learn what is new and advancing in your area of study. Moreover, if you have the opportunity to present at a professional conference, it looks great on your resume!

Knowing that this can be costly, TheDream.US has created a grant to assist you with the major expenses associated with attending or presenting at a national or regional conference. Below are 2 opportunities to either attend a national conference as part of a group of TheDream.US Scholars in OR attend a conference of your choice.

You must be eligible for the scholarship when you apply and attend the conference.

Please note, you may apply for both the National and Individual Conference Grant opportunities. However, approvals will be based on eligibility and availability of funds. Our goal is to maximize the number of Scholars that can benefit from this program and have as many of you and your peers attend a professional conference.

See the following links to opportunities:

National Conference Grants

Individual Conference Grants


Immigrants Like Us is a nonprofit that helps Dreamers prepare their DACA renewals or marriage green card application. Using their Turbotax-like web application, you can prepare your forms which are reviewed by an expert before filing, all for free.


Monthly Immigration Q&A with TheDream.US

For TheDream.US Scholars and their families – last Thursday of the month

College Success

Modern States - Earn College Credits for Free

Modern States offers tuition-free online courses to prepare students for the College Board (CLEP) exams. If you pass the exam, you may get credits at your college in place of paying for the same class on campus. Open to all students across the U.S. See email sent here.

Mental Health

Connect to the Mental Health Liaison at your College

Just like your Scholar Advisor, TheDream.US designates a Mental Health Liaison (MHL) at your college to provide support and information to you in times of need. Find your MHL in the Scholar Partner College Directory here.

Graduate School

Navigating Graduate School: Resource Guide for Undocumented Students

Guide details legal and practical concerns of undocumented students who wish to pursue graduate school. Topics addressed include the application process, accessing financial aid, transportation, employment, taxes and resources for support.


Graduate School Mini-Conference Resource List

 Graduate School Mini-Conference Resource List

Created by: TheDream.US & Carolina Valdivia – August 2021 




TheDream.US is in partnership with the GRE – ETS Board to provide discount vouchers for you.  If you want to attend graduate school, chances are, you may need to take a GRE entrance exam for your application process.  Exam registration fees can run up to $220!  Through this partnership, TheDream.US Scholars and Alum are eligible for a 50% discount on the registration fee and a free prep course (additional $100 value) provided directly by GRE – ETS.

Vouchers are available for both the Subject and General GRE exams.  You can apply for your 50% Discount Voucher now, but please make sure you fit the following eligibility:

  • The graduate program your applying to requires the GRE
  • You know which exam you need to take: Subject or General
  • You plan on taking the GRE within the next 3 months (vouchers do expire)
  • You are prepared to cover the 50% balance once the discount voucher has been applied
  • You have your TheDream.US App ID, which can be found on your ISTS Scholar Portal

If you are interested in applying for the GRE 50% Discount Voucher, please click here to submit your requests, and one of our staff will be in touch with you to provide the voucher code and additional information.  Please also note while the voucher includes a free prep course, TheDream.US also has a partnership with Kaplan Prep Program, which is available to our Scholars at no cost.  If you would like to get access to this additional support, please click here.

For any other questions or concerns regarding the GRE or Kaplan Vouchers, please contact Melanny Buitron at [email protected].

Graduate Loan Programs

The Dreamer Graduate Loan Program

The Dreamer Graduate Loan Program was created for TheDream.US Alumni who seek to obtain certain graduate degree programs at approved universities you can find out more about this loan program here:




DACA students can apply for an Ascent loan with or without a cosigner. Ascent helps you cover up to 100% of your cost of attendance and other school-related expenses (up to $200,000*) at over 2,200 colleges nationwide by offering DACA student loans for undergraduate and graduate students. For more information you can visit their website:


MPOWER offers student loans for DACA students who are attending an eligible US college or university. To learn more go to: