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Scholar Survey Reports: In Their Own Words

TheDream.US annually surveys its Scholars, Alumni and our Partner Colleges to help us better understand the systemic challenges and barriers facing Dreamers in equitable college access and success. Below is a series of reports “In Their Own Words” which share our findings and recommendations to help higher education institutions and business and policy leaders understand and implement effective practices needed to ensure Dreamers have equitable college and career access and success.

In Their Own Words: Breaking Barriers: The Impact of DACA and TPS on the Social Mobility of Dreamers.

June 2024

This year’s report is the second collaboration between TheDream.US and Golden Door Scholars. With a 40% increase in survey participants since the inaugural 2022 Report, this report provides insight on the post-graduate trajectories of over 2,000 TheDream.US and Golden Door Scholars’ Alumni nationwide.
Whether assessed through these statistics and data or the individual stories of our Alumni, this report amplifies the larger significance of a college degree and work authorization on the social mobility of Dreamers.

In Their Own Words: “I Am Manifesting the DACAmented Dream”

November 2022

This second annual Alumni Survey Report, published in partnership with Golden Door Scholars speaks to the experiences of 1,400+ undocumented college graduates representing 140 colleges and universities in 28 states and Washington D.C. The report calls attention to the impact of a college degree and work authorization on the social mobility of undocumented individuals, and their contributions to their communities and the American workforce. The data demonstrates the importance of Congress delivering bipartisan legislation providing pathways to citizenship for Dreamers.

In Their Own Words: Life After College

December 2021

This report is the first of its kind to share data on almost 1,000 undocumented college graduates and provides evidence of the impact of a college degree for TheDream.US Alumni. It also sheds light on the urgent need for federal and state laws ensuring equitable access to citizenship, graduate school, and professional licensure to further the socioeconomic mobility of a large group of talented individuals and their communities, as well as the nation’s recovery from an ongoing pandemic.

In Their Own Words: Annual Survey Highlighting Impact of COVID-19 on Scholars’ Academic Journey and Person Well-Being

September 2020

In May through mid-June, 2020, TheDream.US administered its second Annual Scholar Survey to better understand our Scholars’ college experiences and the contexts in which they are navigating their college and career journeys. The results provide a unique picture of the impact of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and continuing uncertainty of DACA on our Scholars’ academic journey and personal well-being.

In Their Own Words: The Impact of COVID-19 on Dreamers

March 2020

To understand the current needs of our Scholars during the Covid-19 crisis TheDream.US surveyed our 3,700+ Scholars. Survey was launched on Monday, March 23rd and closed on Tuesday March 24th. 1679 Scholars completed the Survey; a 44.6% response rate.

In Their Own Words: Higher Education, DACA, and TPS

October 2020

In April of 2018, TheDream.US undertook a national, online survey of its Scholars, resulting in responses from over 1,400 Scholars. The survey results provide a unique picture of TheDream.US’ Scholars, including employment and educational gains. The survey responses also paint a portrait of the uncertainty and anxiety that Scholars face in a difficult immigration climate, particularly with the forthcoming end of DACA and TPS.