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2,000+ Alumni Used Their Voice this Year!

Happy Friday! We are thrilled to announce – We’ve surpassed our goal of 2,000 participants in the 2024 Alumni Survey! 

Thank you for YOUR incredible support! 

We also absolutely love seeing your fabulous graduation photos!

We couldn’t be more grateful. Your feedback fuels our efforts to enhance our program, drive advocacy, and make a lasting impact.

Oh, and it also aids in our fundraising efforts, which in turn assists us in supporting future students, just as we supported you with TheDream.US scholarship.

We will be releasing new data and reports this year elevating 10 Years of TheDream.US, thanks to you.

Finally, we will be reaching out to the 10 Alumni, regarding their $200 gift on Monday, April 15 – adding a little extra to your tax returns! 

´╗┐Let’s keep the momentum going next year. 

With gratitude, 

TheDream.US Team