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Country of Origin: Mexico

Age of Arrival: 6 years old

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Degree: Computer Programming


My parents knew that if I applied myself, I could have a really promising future here. They always followed my classes and school events  and never accepted excuses. Without TheDream.US – and this access to higher education – I would probably be working and trying to make something out of my life, just like my parents taught me to.


My degree will give me a chance to take a step up in life.  I want my college experience to help me become a better person, and I want a career where I can make enough money to take care of my mom and dad. I don’t want them to ever have to work again, and I’d like to pay them back for everything they sacrificed for me. My degree in computer science  will help me start my own company and make an impact in the technology world.


DACA has opened a lot of doors for me, including being eligible for this scholarship. I like that I have legal status, at least for right now. The most stressful component of potentially losing my status would be the uncertainty as to whether I can stay in the place I call home. People who are skeptical of the need for DACA/TPS should know that it is a NEED for so many people around them.  I would tell potential TheDream.US applicants that anything is possible. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. My parents are proof that hardwork and commitment pay off.


In our small town in Mexico, it was difficult for my parents to make enough money to support our family. We decided to move to the U.S. but in small waves. My parents came first, for a few years, and I stayed with my grandmother. Those years were tough. I missed my family, but I understand now that they did it for my future. When I was six years old, after they saw the opportunities I could have here, I joined them. The U.S. seemed so different from Mexico when I first arrived and learning a new language was challenging. Luckily, I had plenty of supportive teachers and friends along the way who helped me improve my English.


A few years later, I became an older brother. Since my parents worked long hours to support our family, I was charged with raising my little sister. I started viewing the U.S. as my home when I moved to New York. I always knew I was undocumented, but the people in New York were always so kind to undocumented people like me. I grew up in New York, and it is the only home I know.