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Alumni: Host a Paid Intern with the DreamBuilders Program!

Dear Graduates,

You still have the opportunity to serve as a host for a currently enrolled Scholar from TheDream.US. The Scholar will work as a paid intern at your organization or business and we cover the intern’s compensation!

If you are interested, read the full details below.

The deadline to post an opportunity is April 1, 2024.

Please publish your internship start date at least 2-3 weeks out so there is enough time for TheDream.US to promote your opportunity to Scholars. Though not required, we strongly encourage you to post a remote internship (especially if you do not live close to a Partner College) to allow for a larger candidate pool.

DreamBuilders Internship Program

What is the DreamBuilders Internship Program?

The DreamBuilders Internship Program connects Alumni like yourself with current Scholars to provide meaningful internship experiences, fostering mentorship and professional development – there’s no cost for you or your company to host a Scholar Intern! 

Internship Hours & Maximum Budget:

You will have a maximum budget of $4,500 per calendar year for Scholar internships. This includes Parker Dewey’s administrative fees. One single internship experience must require between 40-200* hours. TheDream.US Scholar will be compensated a fixed fee of $20 per estimated project hour.  

With a $4,500 maximum yearly budget, you could host:

  • One 200-hour internship project ($4,444.44 total amount) or 
  • Two 100-hour internship projects ($4,444.44 total amount) or 
  • Five 40-hour internship projects ($4,444.45 total amount) or 
  • One 120-hr internship project + One 80-hr internship project ($4,444.45 total amount) 

Rule: Your total estimated hours from all internships must be no more than 200 hours.

Alumni Eligibility Requirements:

Alumni must meet the following criteria to host a Scholar Intern:

  • Be a TheDream.US Alumni that work as an employee (at any organization) or is a business owner
  • Serve as the intern’s supervisor and provide routine feedback and training
  • Create an internship that is:

o  Project-based with defined deliverables and specific deadlines-

o  Between 40-200* hours in a remote, on-site, or hybrid setting (note: remote internships allow for a larger candidate pool)

o  Be educational

  • Post the opportunity on Parker Dewey (see details below)

*Please note: Scholar Interns will work as independent contractors, so payment will be based on completing the deliverables outlined in the project-based internship posting. The hours mentioned are meant to gauge project duration and should not be interpreted as a form of timesheet tracking.

Alumni cannot be an intern. Internship opportunities through this program are only available to current TheDream.US Scholars.

To Post an Internship:

Visit the DreamBuilders Internship Program website to understand the program and posting guidelines:  https://info.parkerdewey.com/thedreamus/dreambuilders. You can also find sample internship templates under the “Internship Templates” section. All internship postings must be posted on the Parker Dewey platform.

Internship postings can be posted at any time so long as program funding is still available. Funding is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Please note: TheDream.US Scholars selected for these opportunities do not complete a background check as part of their application. As a result, internships that require direct interaction with minors or other vulnerable populations are not eligible to be funded by this program.