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Alumni: Important Message from TheDream.US!

It’s Sadhana, TheDream.US Alumna class of 2018, and TheDream.US Sr. Communications Manager. 

I hope this message finds you thriving and pursuing your dreams with the same passion and determination that earned you TheDream.US scholarship. 

Remember the commitment we shared? To not just chase our dreams, but to pay it forward?

Today, I’m reaching out to seek your support in fulfilling that commitment by filling out our annual Alumni survey. This survey isn’t just about gathering responses—it’s our opportunity to amplify our voice, understand our journey, and collectively advocate for legislation that will provide a path to legal immigration status.

I noticed that while our friends at the Golden Door Scholarship program boast an impressive 95% alumni engagement, we’re currently at 30%. This number isn’t just a statistic or a competition—it’s a reflection of our voices, our stories, and our shared commitment to pay it forward.

Search your inbox/junk folders for the survey and complete it by March 31. If you have any issues, email [email protected].

Your insights are invaluable, and your experiences will make a difference. Can I count on you to follow through with your commitment to TheDream.US and take a few moments to fill out our survey? 

Let’s show everyone what TheDream.US Alumni are made of!

With Hope,

Sadhana Singh