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Andrea of Trinity Washington University is TheDream.US’ “DREAMer of the Week”

For Immediate Release: March 5th, 2020

Contact: Carli Kientzle at [email protected]


Andrea of Trinity Washington University is TheDream.US’ “DREAMer of the Week”


Washington, DC – TheDream.US, the nation’s largest college access and success program for undocumented immigrant youth, is continuing its “DREAMer of the Week” feature – a weekly profile of a TheDream.US Scholar whose story offers a powerful example of the incalculable contributions of DREAMers to America.


This week’s DREAMer is Andrea, a Scholar graduate of Trinity Washington University:

TheDream.US gave me vital tools to fulfill my dreams, tools that I would never have gotten by myself or that would have taking me a long time to obtain.

My parents brought me to the United States when I was eleven. They sacrificed everything in pursuit of better economic opportunities. I had a fast immersion into my new country, and I didn’t know I was undocumented until I was about to graduate from high school.

I feel incredibly grateful for my Trinity Washington experience, from the courses to the staff, to those who handled my scholarship, to my major. I was part of the honor society for international affairs and history, and graduated with honors.

Now, I serve as an intern for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Through my work at this internship, it makes the goal seem not so far away. My college education has put me on this current career path, and it has given me the credentials to prove that I am capable. My dream job is to travel around the world with the goal of helping others.

To other DREAMers, and potential TheDream.US Scholars, never give up on your dreams. As a fellow DREAMer, I know that we are very strong and here to support each other. We are the force of America.


TheDream.US has provided over 5,000 college scholarships to DREAMers at more than 70 partner colleges in 16 states and Washington, DC.

The Scholars’ stories are especially powerful and poignant following the Supreme Court oral arguments on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, an executive action, which provided temporary legal protection for undocumented youth, terminated by President Trump in September 2017. The legal limbo and uncertainty is affecting Scholars’ lives, health, and futures and threatens to keep Scholars from fulfilling their incredible potential.

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