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Apply for a Career Community – Prepare for Your Future Today!


Want to learn how undocumented people put their college education to use? Are you eager to find a supportive community of like-minded individuals and access valuable mentorship? If your answer is a resounding “YES,” then we invite you to join a Career Community! 🌟

What is it?

A Career Community is a virtual space where 25-30 Scholars focus on specific careers and explore, learn, and develop the tools needed to succeed as an undocumented professional. Each Career Community is led by a self-employed peer Coach who has launched a business as an undocumented individual in one of the 5 fields below. 

How does it work?

As part of a Career Community, you will attend monthly group meetings (from November – April) and complete up to 3 hours of assignments per month. Think of it as a mini-course. After successful completion of the program, Career Community members are eligible to receive a $500 stipend! 💰

There are 5 Career Communities:

1.    Science & Technology Career Community

2.    Health & Medicine Career Community

3.    Business Career Community

4.    Public & Social Services Career Community

5.    Education Career Community

How to apply?

For more information about Career Communities and how to apply, visit our Career Community webpage here.

The deadline to apply is Friday, October 20th.