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Beating The Odds Virtually Together

We all know that this year has looked different for everyone; there’s no denying that. From students to national organizations, everything changed, and for the most part, went online.

I was one of those students. More specifically, I was one of those students who had their college graduation postponed indefinitely. I remember feeling nervous when my school wasn’t sure how to handle the current pandemic or thinking about all my job prospects slowly disappearing thanks to the uncertainty of it all. This is what high school seniors or first-year college students are going through at this very moment. College has changed, and the same rules don’t apply anymore, so we thought.

Organizations and universities had to reinvent their strategies to become more accessible. So did Reach Higher. We have hosted the Beating The Odds Summit in person every year since 2014. We knew postponing until next year was not an option because we know what is at stake. We understand the importance of being accessible for first-generation, low-income students who need guidance to and through college, and especially to combat summer melt.


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