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Combining our 2 Scholar Facebook Groups

Dear Opportunity Scholars,

As you know, we have two scholarship programs, National and Opportunity, and thus two Scholar Facebook communities. These FB groups are to provide support and connect you with each other, on campus and around the country!

We have decided to combine all our Scholars under one group“TheDream.US DREAMer Scholar Community” so that all Scholars can benefit together from what is shared – information on DACA, applying for jobs, Scholarship events, and sharing experiences and networking.

Please keep in mind: some of the posts and content shared will be information pertaining only to National scholars or to Opportunity Scholars. As you read posts, ask yourself if the content is for the National or Opportunity Scholars, or for both. Also, to help avoid confusion for your fellow scholars, when making a post or asking a scholarship-specific question, please include the line “For Opportunity Scholars” before your content. If a post is for everyone, no need to include this line.

We ask that you please join the DREAMer Scholar CommunityFacebook group by Thursday, Jan 31st. To do so now:
  1. Go to your current “Opportunity Scholars” group from your Facebook account
  2. Click on “About” in the top left menu
  3. You will see TheDream.US DREAMer Scholars group as “Recommended by the Admins” (shown below)
  4. Click “Join” and enter the code word given via email so that you can be approved.
If you were never part of the Opportunity Scholars Group, please go directly to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheDream.US/ and request to join using the code given.

Note: We will eliminate the current Opportunity FB Group at the end of January once all Opportunity Scholars have joined TheDream.US DREAMer Scholar Community Group.
Need help or have questions about the merge? email [email protected].

Thank you,

TheDream.US Team