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Continuing Eligibility Requirements

Dear Scholars,

Great news!  We will no longer require you to submit an exception request if you are not meeting our eligibility criteria (GPA of 3.0, full time enrollment of 12 or more credits, and continuous enrollment). Please review the attached guidelines. We will include these in our Scholarship Program Guide [Insert link], under the “Renewing Your Scholarship Award” section, so you can easily find them!

We recognize that there are sometimes life circumstances beyond your control that may impact your ability to meet these criteria. If this happens, we require that you work with your Scholar Advisor to develop a plan to help you get back on track. We will review your situation with your Scholar Advisor on an annual basis and determine whether you are making adequate progress toward your degree.  If your GPA remains below a 2.0 for more than one academic year, we will terminate your scholarship.

You only need to reach out to TheDream.US or ISTS to request a break in enrollment.  These will not be granted for more than two terms.

What should you do if you are not meeting the eligibility criteria? 

Answer:  Meet with your Scholar Advisor immediately do develop a plan to get back on track!

NOTE:  We do not look at GPA’s until the end of the academic year – so you have the Spring term to get your grades up!

If you have any questions, reach out to Melissa Barrera at [email protected] or Elena Salorio, at [email protected].

Our best,

TheDream.US Team

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