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DACA at the Supreme Court: Prepare and Organize Yourself

Hello, Scholars

As you know, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments in the DACA case in its next term (October).

We hope the Supreme Court will decide to protect the DACA program. However, we encourage you to organize and prepare yourself in the event that DACA ends. 

1) The DACA program remains in place and people can still renew. If your DACA expires within the next 6 months, send in your renewal. If you need help raising money for your renewal fees, go to bit.ly/FundDACA

2) Go see an attorney, especially if circumstances in your life have changed (you got married, you joined a new religion, you now consider yourself part of a community not accepted in your home country).

3) Get involved. While we will be fighting for you, it’s more powerful when we are fighting with you. There are so many ways you can get involved, and you don’t have to share your story or be in the limelight to help push Congress to pass permanent legislation. (see resource list below)

4) Understand that the Supreme Court process will take some time. A response is expected in Spring 2020.

5) Reach out early to your friends, family, and Marisol, your mental wellness advocate, for support or if you start feeling sad.

Marisol Arriola: 510-717-0683
Monday to Saturday
12pm to 12am EST/11am to 11pm CST/9am to 9pm PST


Define American: If DACA is repealed what should I do? https://defineamerican.com/blog/dacaadvice/

Immigrants Rising’s Immigration Legal Intake Service to see if you may be eligible for a permanent immigration option.

Resources via Informed Immigrant (English)

Resources via Informed Immigrant (Spanish)

Informed Immigrant & GoFundMe

Partnership Toolkit

FWD.US Social Media Kit


Remember that we stand with you through and through,

TheDream.US Team