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DACA is back! What you need to know

Dear Scholars and Alumni,

We are overjoyed that a NY federal judge has ordered the Trump administration to fully restore DACA! While the decision may still be challenged, the Department of Homeland Security issued this statement outlining the reinstatement of DACA on December 7th.

What does this mean?

If you already have DACA:

  • You can apply for Advanced Parole again
  • Renewals remain open – we encourage you to renew as normal. See this visual guide from the ILRC on how to complete your renewal application.
  • Anyone who received a 1-year renewal of their DACA will automatically have their protections extended to two years

If you never had DACA but are eligible:

If you never had DACA but meet the criteria found here, you can now apply! Gather the required documents, prepare your application, and file as soon as possible.

Why should you apply for DACA? 

  • DACA could still go away
  • DACA is critical to your future career and livelihood
  • To be continually eligible for our Scholarship, we require that you apply for any form of legal status (such as DACA) as soon as it becomes available to you.

If possible, consult with an immigration lawyer to confirm you are eligible and to help you complete the application, or check out these organizations providing help:


Home is Here


Remember to attend our Immigration Office Hours on Thurs, Dec 17th at 8 pm EST. Attorney Dan Berger will explain and answer your questions on applying to DACA for the first time. See email and FB group for link to join.

TheDream.US will continue to monitor these updates and keep you informed.


TheDream.US Team