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DACA: What you need to know

To our Scholars and Alumni,

Last week, we shared your relief and jubilation upon learning that the Supreme Court had ruled that DACA must remain in place for now. But we must not rest.

Because the Administration can still attempt to end DACA, you need to know the following:

  • If you already have DACA: DACA renewal applications are still being accepted. If your DACA expires within one year from now, we encourage you to renew.
  • If you never had the opportunity to apply for DACA: It is not yet known if and when USCIS will begin accepting first-time applications for DACA . . . but you want to be ready!

If you meet the DACA Criteria found here, you should start preparing your application and assembling the required documents.

NOTE: If possible, consult with an immigration lawyer to confirm you are eligible and to help you complete the application. 

  • Save and prepare to pay for the DACA filing fee, which is currently $495.

DACA is here to stay – for now. We will continue to advocate to ensure that all DREAMers – with or without status – have the opportunity to apply for legal status that will enable them to fully participate in this country.

In solidarity,

TheDream.US Team