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Delaware State University enrollment reaches record

For the sixth consecutive year, Delaware State University has achieved record enrollment, with a total student population of 4,872 for the 2018-2019 academic year.

it represents an overall increase of 5% over last year’s enrollment of 4,648. The goal is to reach 5,000 students by 2020.

“Delaware State University has continued to grow year after year because we have continued to innovate, and have become much more strategic in how we attract and retain students. This year’s success builds upon past efforts to improve recruitment, enrollment, and retention. It is certainly an ongoing process, and is absolutely necessary if we are going to meet our goal,” said President Dr. Wilma Mishoe.

The University’s partnership with TheDREAM.US has been critical. This organization provides scholarships for the children of undocumented workers, commonly referred to as “Dreamers,” at colleges and universities that will accept them. Delaware State University is currently the number one choice for Dreamers in the United States, a DSU release stated.

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