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Don’t Panic and Know Your Rights

Dear Scholars,

You may have heard that ICE will begin conducting raids around the country to detain and deport undocumented immigrants. We don’t want to alarm you but we wish to share two excellent websites with resources to know your rights:

Benach Collopy LLC sharing https://www.wehaverights.us

1. The purpose of these raids is to create panic. Don’t panic.

2. ICE needs a removal order to deport people. If you do not have a removal order, ICE can only start a legal effort to remove you. If you have an order, talk to a lawyer now about reopening your case.

3. ICE needs a warrant signed by a judge to enter your home. Unless you let them. Don’t let them enter your home without a warrant signed by a judge.

4. You do not have to answer any questions. You do not have to sign anything.

5. If you are afraid of returning to your home country, say so.

6. You have rights. You have allies. You have options. Learn them.

The Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) – bit.ly/ILRC-KYRresources

Community members can work together to fight messages of fear and panic by helping each other learn about their rights and how to protect themselves from ICE.

The ILRC has created a variety of materials to educate the community and prepare individuals for possible encounters with immigration authorities.

For resources in multiple languages, visit their website.

If you are struggling with feelings of fear, anxiety, and hopelessness, please contact your Wellness Advocate, Marisol Arriola. Call or text her at: 510-717-0683
It is important to have someone to talk to, Marisol will help you manage stress. 

Keep in mind: Most Americans support you, as shown by these victories for the immigrant community:

Gov. Cuomo signs bill granting undocumented immigrants access to New York driver’s licenses. Read here

Colorado passes law to provide state financial aid to Dreamers. Read here

Illinois Gov. signs 3 immigrant protection bills. Read here

Standing with you in solidarity,

TheDream.US Team