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Fall 2014 Scholarship Round Deadline Nears

The National Scholarship Fund for DREAMers, TheDream.US, fall round will close on October 26, 2014.

We expect to award approximately 300 scholarships, to two categories of students: first-time college students and community college graduates.  Our application can be found on www.thedream.us/apply and a list of our partner colleges can be found at www.thedream.us/colleges

DREAMers are highly motivated students who have the commitment and desire to earn a college degree and help lift their families and their communities out of poverty. It’s been proven that a college degree is linked to higher pay, better jobs, and economic security.

We are strengthening the fabric of this nation by unleashing the dreams of our young people. If you know a DREAMer, let them know the application process is coming to a close soon and provide them with our website: www.thedream.us.

If you’re interested in funding our work, please give us a call to 703-345-6385 or you can donate directly online at www.thedream.us/donate