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First Years to Seniors: Start launching your career now!

Our Career Connections program will help you be prepared and have opportunities to start a meaningful career after college. Ultimately, the goal is for you to have the ability to better your and your family’s lives and contribute to our nation’s future.

Since we launched this program, we have learned much from you and from what we have done. Based on these lessons, our Career Connections program will now help you in three specific ways:
  • Be career-ready: tools and know-how to conduct a job search or start a business
  • Develop professional networks:relationships with alumni and professionals to mentor you as you start your career
  • Have opportunities: internships, jobs or to become an independent contractor or business owner
This Career Guide outlines specific steps you can take each year to land a job or work for yourself after college. We will also bring you opportunities to help you take these steps.

Stay tuned for our Career Connections announcements including a monthly Career Connections Digest, coming to you later this month, outlining career development opportunities.

We believe in you 100% and encourage you to engage with us and take advantage of all parts of the Career Connections program.

TheDream.US Team