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Gain valuable career skills & experience via Parker Dewey!


Use this winter break to gain professional experience, earn a paycheck, and cultivate valuable career skills.

TheDream.US has partnered with Parker Dewey to bring you Micro-Internships – short-term, paid, project-based work with a variety of companies.

Unlike a traditional internship, these paid opportunities typically range from 5 to 40 hours of work, can be done remotely, and can be completed at any time of the year. Projects can be in sales, accounting, HR, research, strategy, and much more.

Why apply?

Micro-Internships provide a great way to develop your skills and show your work ethic to employers for potential internships and full-time roles in the future.

To learn more and start applying:
Be persistent; it could take several applications to land a project. Follow these 5 Quick Tips for Success to get a micro-internship.

Important: Be sure to add TheDream.US as an affiliation on your profile so employers know you are one of our Scholars! Also, you may apply if you have work authorization or a current (not-expired) ITIN.

Good luck,
TheDream.US Team