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Grad School Scholarship Info, 2024 Summer Career Series, and D-3 Waivers

All Alumni: Sharing some opportunities with you!

Apply for the Graduate Loan Scholarship Program Now!

If you took out any private student loan for graduate school for the 2024-2025 Academic Year, you are eligible to apply for the Graduate Loan Scholarship Program

The application is now open until September 3rd. You can find the eligibility criteria, award details, and application instructions in the Scholar Hub here.

Key Eligibility Details – You must:

  • Be a TheDream.US Alumni
  • Have received any private loan for the 2024-2025 Academic Year (not just the Dreamers Graduate Loan Program)
  • Be a Dreamer, with or without DACA/TPS

Award notifications will be sent twice – once in early August and once in late September, so do not hesitate to apply.

You’re invited to our annual SUMMER CAREER SERIESJuly 16 – 25!

We will be hosting 6 virtual events in July focusing on career options as an undocumented student or graduate and how to become an entrepreneur. Speakers include undocumented professionals and TheDream.US alumni, who will share their experiences with you.

These events are open to all Scholars and Alumni regardless of work authorization status.

Click here to get details on each session. Adjust for your own time zone. You will use the same link for all sessions. No need to register.

How D-3 Waivers and Parole in Place May Benefit You

On June 18, the Biden Administration announced plans to work on streamlining processes to help Dreamers with and without DACA find alternative pathways to non-immigrant, employment based visas that can ultimately lead to permanent residency. To do this, they are going to facilitate the D-3 waiver.

Below are 2 opportunities for you to learn more about how the new policies may benefit you.

  1. You are invited to attend a webinar on July 10 about the D-3 Waiver Process, hosted in partnership with the Presidents Alliance and Cornell Law School:

Streamlining Dreamers’ Access to Employment-Based Visas Using D-3 Waivers

Wednesday, July 10th

2:00 pm ET

Register here

  1. If you are interested in a legal screening to see if you may be a candidate for this new process, please read and complete this form. We have hired an immigration attorney who will review your information and, if applicable the attorney will reach out to you for an initial screening. The attorney will tell you if you may be eligible for a D-3 waiver, visa, or any other pathway.

Note: You do not need to have DACA or TPS to be screened, but you must meet at least one of the eligibility criteria listed in the form.


TheDream.US Team