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Happy New Year! A few reminders from TheDream.US

Dear National Scholars,
Happy New Year! We hope that you enjoyed a fun and relaxing holiday break with your loved ones.
As you start the new term, we want you to know that we are here for you. Below are a few reminders that may help you navigate the term.


• If you need to take a break in enrollment or are transferring to another Partner College, please send ISTS Customer Care an email ASAP at [email protected]. Follow the instructions in your Scholarship Program Guide (see here) to ensure a smooth transition.
• Your Scholar Advisors are there to help and we ask that you meet with them at least once per term to review your progress. If your GPA is below a 2.5, you will need to meet with your Scholar Advisor to develop a plan to raise your GPA. So long as you have a GPA of 2.0 or greater, you will be able to renew your Scholarship.
• We ask that all Scholars apply for other available financial aid and scholarships. Scholars in CA, NJ, TX, and WA are expected to apply for state financial aid if eligible. Reach out to your Scholar or Financial Aid Advisors found in the directory to get help.
• If you have DACA, you need to keep it up to date in order to renew your award this summer. If your DACA status expires in 2019, we highly recommend that you renew it now. For help with the filing fees, see this guide.


TheDream.US Team, ISTS, and your Facebook community are all here to help you! Not sure where to go for what? Check out this guide.
Wishing you a successful and productive 2019!
TheDream.US Team