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Hispanic student graduates from UCF thanks to scholarship program for DACA students

Rubén Mercado Santos is closer to his professional goal. You just graduated from the University of Central Florida (UCF) in less time than estimated, with honors and even a minor.

This excludes the statistic that indicates that nationally, less than 10% of DACA students pursue studies beyond high school. That while they can attend American universities, they do not have access to federal financial aid and only have limited access to state sponsored aid.

Mercado Santos finished high school determined to attend university, so in addition to looking for where he would begin his university path to become a doctor, he learned about the financial aid available to study.

“UCF is one of the few schools in all of Florida, and almost in the whole country, that has this scholarship with TheDream.US so I saw the school, I came here to Orlando, I loved the city, I loved the school and just talking to people who are in a similar situation like me … they said that it was the school that really opens its hands to help people here, “said Mercado Santos, who since he was six years old, when he arrived in the United States, was residing in southern Florida.

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