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Immigration News Explained with Gaby Pacheco

Update – Watch Recording here: https://youtu.be/5ba894rKjw0

We know that for the past two months you’ve been hearing a lot in the news about what the Biden/Harris administration wants to do on immigration. There was an executive action that fortified DACA, there has been talk about a comprehensive reform bill (US Citizenship Act of 2021), and even the re-introduction of the DREAM Act.

On Weds, February 17th at 7 pm EST, Gaby Pacheco, TheDream.US Director of Advocacy, will break down the information and explain what this means for you, for your Scholarship, and what actions you can take if you want to be active in the legislative process to push for immigration relief.

We know you have many questions and we hope to address them for you during this information session on Wednesday. Please join us!