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Important Information About Your Scholarship

For Scholars at Community Colleges:

Dear Scholars,

As you are heading into your second term, we want to remind you of your maximum time and award limits.

As a community college Scholar, you have three years to earn an associate degree and/or transfer to a 4-year Partner College and another three years to complete your bachelor’s degree.

The table below will help you determine the academic year your scholarship will end. Note that if you started in the Spring term, you will have one additional term to complete.

The maximum scholarship amount you can receive for tuition and fees while attending a community college is $16,500 including stipend (the maximum yearly amount is $8,250). Any funds not used while at the community college will be available to you once you transfer to a 4-year Partner College.

Once you graduate with your bachelor’s degree, are no longer enrolled in a Partner College, or have maxed out on time or funds, we will end your scholarship.

As a reminder, this information along with all the details about the scholarship can be found in the National Scholarship Program Guide on our website in the Scholar Hub.

Good luck in all your classes this term!