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Important news from TheDream.US in California


We hope you and your loved ones are well and that you’ve had a good start to the academic year.

We want to let you know about a change to our approach in California. This change will not affect you.  

Going forward, we will no longer award NEW scholarships to California DREAMers. California now has generous state aid, institutional aid, scholarships and loans that are available to DREAMers. This is not true in a number of other states – where DREAMers have little to no access to financial aid to help pay for college. We have decided that we need to shift our focus in helping DREAMers in these states.

We wanted you to know this because you have always helped us promote our award and you will no longer need to do so. Our many thanks for all that you have done to help promote our program in the past.

Again, this change will not affect your award or your continuing support from TheDream.US and our CA Partner Colleges. We will continue to stand by and with you through your college journey. 

Stay safe and our best wishes for a successful school year.