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Important Scholarship Policy Update

Greetings, National Scholars!

We wanted to share a change we made to the time to complete your degree while using your scholarship.

In the past, for those of you who started in a 4-YR college, we required that you complete your degree in 5 years. While most of you will have used your full scholarship award by the end of your fifth year, there are a handful of you who will still have funds remaining.

We have decided that we will allow you to use those funds for a sixth year if needed to complete your degree.

The chart below will help you determine how long you have to complete an associate and bachelor’s degree with TheDream.US National scholarship.

This information and all other policies are included in your National Scholarship Program Guide. Remember – you can check your ISTS Scholar Portal at https://dream.applyists.net to determine how much money you have left.

If you have any questions, reach out to ISTS Customer Care: [email protected]

Wishing you a successful new semester,
TheDream.US Team