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Introducing: Dreamer Dialogues with Gaby Pacheco

Current Scholars:

We invite you to attend a new special event – “Dreamer Dialogues with Gaby Pacheco: A Biannual Presidential Address” on March 21st at 6:00 pm ET.

This one-hour event is designed as a unique platform for you, our Scholars, to get to know and learn from President Gaby Pacheco, who was once an undocumented student herself. The engaging session will provide you with the opportunity to directly connect with the Gaby, ask questions, and share your experiences in a safe space.

Thursday, March 21st 

3 pm PT/5 pm CT/ 6 pm ET (adjust for your timezone)

Zoom link (no need to register)

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This week: “ITINs Open Doors” session #2

Reminder to join us this week for ITINs Open Doors – How Do I Get One?” where Professor Lipman will discuss what ITINs are, help you figure out if you already have one, guide you through the steps to apply, and answer your questions. 

Thursday, March 14th 

3 pm PT/5 pm CT/ 6 pm ET (adjust for your timezone)

Zoom link (no registration)

As always, you can check out more ITIN info on our webpage: www.thedream.us/itin.

“I am an Immigrant Entrepreneur” video series

We continue our inspiring series this week with Karen Sabillon, who, as an entrepreneur, is now an accomplished writer and storyteller.

See the videos released each week on Mondays here, featuring a TheDream.US graduate who is now a successful entrepreneur!