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Janayha Morris

Country of Origin: Jamaica

Age of Arrival: 2 years old

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Degree: Community Health


I’m 19 and the mother of a beautiful 3 year old. I came here when I was two, and I’ve loved it here since.I’m an American at heart. I found out that I was undocumented when I was fourteen.


Throughout high school, I was a member of Good Shepherd Services, which led me to my interest in social work. A social worker I met through my volunteer work introduced me to TheDream.US. I immediately went home and wrote my application. The scholarship allows me to continue my education and support my son as well. To those who are considering the scholarship: take the chance and apply, if you don’t get it the first time, try again. This is a wonderful opportunity that can open so many doors; and if you are accepted, take advantage of any and everything the world gives you.  As a future professional social worker, I hope to help and inspire DREAMers like me.


I will be one of the few in my family to go to college. My mother, who is an immigrant, is a bartender and a part-time nursing student. My father is still in Jamaica. He is also a student, studying to become an English teacher. My family is really important to me. If I lose my status, my whole life will be uprooted. I’ll be sent back to a place that I don’t know, and I’ll be torn away from my son.