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Jeff Bezos: Hoarder of wealth

Found from the New York Post, Nicolas Vega said, “The Amazon CEO’s net worth soared to a record $200 billion on Wednesday when shares of his online shopping behemoth closed at $3.441.85 on surging demand for contactless shopping.” According to Tyler Sonnemaker from the Business Insider, if Jeff Bezos’ wealth grows 34% a year, he could become the world’s first trillionaire by 2026.

When Amazon was first created by Bezos’ in 1994, it initially started as just an online book store. However, Bezos always saw so much potential in Amazon and knew it would one day grow to sell “everything” type of products, which has certainly become a reality.  Now more than ever, especially with the shelter in place regulations placed across the country, people are turning to Amazon as their virtual shopping destination.

While as appealing and popular as shopping from Amazon may be, Amazon has been under scrutiny in the media over his warehouse conditions that his employees have faced. Matt Rocheleau from the Boston Globe staff speaks about Amazon’s employees protesting unfair working conditions as the pandemic stretches on. Rocheleau said, “the company had not disinfected work areas after an employee tested positive for the virus… an employee was showing up to work with symptoms because they did not have enough sick time…masks allegedly were not provided until weeks after they were promised, and hand-washing and glove changes were limited… Several deaths have been reported at its facilities across the country.”


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