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Job & Fellowship Opportunity

Dear E4FC Friend,

We’re excited to announce that E4FC is now accepting applications for our 2017-2018 Legal Advocate Fellowship and a full-time position for Legal Services Coordinator.

Legal Advocate Fellowship

“Many of our users come to us distressed. When I am able to give them hope that they may have a potential immigration remedy, it fills my heart with joy and love.”
Dilan Pedraza, 2015-2016 Legal Advocate

Our year-long program provides Legal Advocates with comprehensive immigration law training and hands-on experience analyzing cases, writing memos, and providing follow-up calls to undocumented young people across the United States.

With our Legal Advocates on the front lines, E4FC has helped over 2,500 undocumented young people understand their potential immigration remedies, benefits, and rights! Read more about our online DREAMer intake Service here.

Legal Advocates also receive leadership and professional development training, and have the opportunity to network with other immigrant leaders in E4FC’s network. Former Legal Advocates have obtained employment with immigration attorneys and non-profit agencies, and been admitted to law schools across the country.

Find out more about E4FC’s Legal Advocate Fellowship positions here.

Applications for our Legal Advocate Fellowship are DUE WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12, 2017 AT 11:59 PST!

Legal Services Coordinator

“E4FC has provided me with community, endless learning, and the opportunity to continue developing my leadership. E4FC is a safe space for my many identities: shifting immigration statuses, nonconforming gender, unyielding need to ask many questions, and awkward sense of humor.”

Tommy Statkiewicz, Outgoing Legal Services Coordinator & 2014-2015 Legal Advocate

Tommy Statkiewicz, our beloved Legal Services Coordinator and former Legal Advocate, will be exiting his staff role at E4FC this summer to begin law school. We will miss Tommy and are incredibly excited for him to begin his journey towards becoming an immigration attorney.

In preparation for this transition, we are launching a search for our new Legal Services Coordinator. Help us find a talented leader to join our team!

The Legal Services Coordinator is an invaluable member of the Legal Services team whose work enables E4FC to provide legal information to hundreds of undocumented young people each year through our online intake, create professional and leadership development opportunities for Legal Advocate Fellows, and conduct outreach and educational community presentations about immigration law.

Find out more about E4FC’s Legal Services Coordinator position here and forward widely to your networks.

We will be reviewing Legal Services Coordinator applications on a rolling basis until WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12, 2017 AT 11:59 PST.

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Join E4FC’s Legal Services Team! Now accepting applications for Legal Advocate and Coordinator positions. Apps due Apr 12. Apply at e4fc.org.


Alejandra Guillen

Legal Services Director