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Kevyn Jimenez

Country of Origin: Mexico

Age of Arrival: 6 years old

Hometown: Homestead, Florida

Degree: Criminal Justice

I wouldn’t be in America, pursuing a higher education, without the support of my family, friends, and inspiration from my role models. My teachers, who motivated me to work harder and become a better writer; President Obama, who taught me to dream big and never give up; and TheDream.US, which gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream of completing my college degree. After college, I hope to become a detective and eventually join the FBI.


I didn’t know that I was undocumented until the third grade, President Barack Obama was elected president and I knew from that point on anything was possible in the United States of America. When I arrived home, I told my mother that I wanted to be president just like Barack Obama. She told me that, given my status, I could never be president,because I was an immigrant. My immigration story began when I was six years old. My mother and I walked across a Mexican desert and then crossed the Rio Grande river, floating on large donut floats. I was scared but I didn’t give in and kept moving forward. I was determined, I knew fear had nothing on me.  


I was really excited to come to the United States, but I was still sad to leave my family in Mexico. Adjusting to life in the U.S was strange at first. Afterall, it was a brand new world for me – the language, culture, shopping, and food were all very different. I felt different, but  yet I felt comfortable. I learned English quickly and adjusted to the ‘American Lifestyle.’ I considered it home the moment I arrived in Homestead, Florida.


My mom works at a nursery, and she recently got a raise of $0.50 cents. It’s not a lot, but she doesn’t complain because it’s better than nothing. She didn’t finish high school, instead she came to the U.S and worked for me. My biological father left us shortly after I was born. I was fatherless, but I didn’t care, because later on in my life I met my stepfather and he raised me like I was his blood. He finished college, and now works as an electrician.  I have such an amazing and supportive family, even if they don’t have a lot they are still very loving. My goal is to make my parents proud and accomplish my goals I have set up for myself.