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Maria Gonzalez-Treviño

Country of Origin: Mexico

Age of Arrival: 7 years old

Hometown: Magnolia, Texas

Degree: Political Science

Even when I thought that many were against me, TheDream.US showed me that there was someone out there that believed in me.


I was just a little girl when I came to America – I was only 7 years old. Coming to America at such a young age made things very difficult for me. I always knew I was undocumented. The culture, lifestyle, and, especially, the language all seemed strange to me, and it was very different than what I was used to in Mexico. I did not speak English and living in a mostly Anglo neighborhood made it really hard for me, especially at school.   

I remember when I used to get home after a day at school and attempt to do my homework, I would just cry because I just didn’t understand.


Luckily, my neighbor was able to help with my homework assignments and still to this day I am forever grateful of them. The struggle of language at school taught me an invaluable lesson – to be a fighter and not a quitter. I was going to fight for the education that I wished for.


After graduating from High School, I went to Lone Star Community College, where I obtained a two year scholarship at their Honors College. I then transferred to the University of Houston and obtained my Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Political Science. During my time at the University, I was President for the Youth Empowerment Alliance, an organization that aims to help undocumented students in their transition to college and fight for our rights in a state and national level as an affiliate of United We Dream.


My college education is preparing me for what’s to come. My dream is to obtain a JD in Law and work for a non-profit organization as an immigration attorney. Regardless of all the obstacles that life may throw at us, we will overcome them because our dreams are bigger and more powerful than any negativity that tries to come our way. Obtaining a college education, enabled by DACA, TheDream.US scholarship, among others, has empowered me to keep moving forward and making my family proud.


TheDream.US has given me the opportunity to keep my aspirations high and not let anyone stop me from achieving my dreams and aspirations. Do not be afraid to apply – by applying, you are one step closer to accomplishing your goals.

DACA gave me the opportunity to live a less fearful life. It has allowed to me to work, apply for my driver’s license to drive and obtain scholarships that would have otherwise been impossible without it. Politicians can take away my DACA status, but they will never take away my education or knowledge.


To anyone who is skeptical about the need to protect DREAMers, I would say this – living in uncertainty is definitely NOT the American Dream. Living a life of uncertainty is not what we, or our parents brought us here for. How can thousands of lives be put in limbo for such a long time?