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Marymount welcomes dozens of new Dreamer scholars for Fall 2020

Two weeks ago, this semester’s cohort of new TheDream.US scholars were welcomed to Marymount University virtually via Zoom by President Irma Becerra, Provost Hesham El-Rewini and Scholar Advisor Jennifer Crystle from the Center for Global Education.

Marymount’s inaugural cohort in Fall 2019 was composed of six students. This year, however, there are 19 new scholars joining the ranks – more than tripling the growth in cohort size, and bringing the total of TheDream.US scholars on campus to 25. As Dreamers across the country still wait for permanent legal protections and face continued anxiety from the current administration’s efforts to end or restrict access to the DACA program, University leaders are reaffirming their support for these vulnerable students and stressing that Marymount will always be their home.

“Through our acceptance of Dreamer scholars, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting students who have escaped terrible violence and poverty in their birth countries, who suffered horrible conditions in detention centers and who struggled to find a path forward to higher education,” Dr. Becerra told students during the virtual welcome. “Here at Marymount, we are doing all we can to support your dreams and educational pursuits – because you make our University, and the United States, a better place.”



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