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Meet TheDream.US Team and Save the Date

Hello New Scholars,

TheDream.US Team has 6 members who will be supporting you throughout your college journey. Allow us to introduce ourselves…

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Save the date

As Candy said, we can’t wait to welcome you to our program on August 1st.

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You’ve just received a significant Scholarship award – want to know how you can make it last longer?

Modern States offers over 40 tuition-free online courses which may give you academic credits at your college. Taught by professors from leading universities, the courses prepare students for the College Board (CLEP) exams. They will even pay for your exam fee!

Take the class, pass the CLEP test and you may get free credits. It’s a smart way to save money, graduate faster and make your Scholarship award last longer. 

To sign up, visit Modern States or watch this webinar we did in Spring 2018.

Questions? Contact their CEO, [email protected], and identify yourself as a TheDream.US Scholar.