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Melly Luna Martinez

Country of Origin: Mexico

Age of Arrival: 2 years old

Hometown: Texas Degree:


My parents, although they speak of all the great opportunities of the United States, cannot deny the fact that it came with a price. They came to this country to give me a better life, but at the cost of leaving theirs. It has always been my parents and their desire for me to succeed that has fueled my ambition to extend my education to achieve a better future.


At Texas A&M, I plan to study biology. Learning about something I love and getting the required required is really important to me, as it will grant me a higher chance to make a change and give to my community. Everyone is different and has their own unique talents and skills to contribute to this country,but it shouldn’t mean that they must be born in this country to contribute.


As a first generation college student, I had little to no assistance from my parents when it came to college. They wanted to help me, but their education ended with high school — they didn’t understand the process.  I have no older siblings, but I do have a younger brother, who I hope will follow in my footsteps some day and remember to keep dreaming and realizing his goals.


Three years after we came to the United States, when I was about 5, my parents sat me down and explained to me that we were undocumented. Being so young, I didn’t fully comprehend the weight of the situation or the hurdles and limits I would come to face. I’ve always seen American as my home, but recent events have challenged that perception. Nevertheless, remaining in America is crucial. It will provide me with an opportunity to create change through higher education and hardwork.


Not everyone has the same opportunities. DACA and TPS allow undocumented people to attempt to make a better future for themselves. Many students and everyday workers are able to contribute to society everyday under DACA and bring diversity and culture into a rapidly developing country.


My biggest fear about potentially losing my status is the loss of opportunity. I, alongside so many others, have worked so hard to get where we are. Without our status, we won’t have the opportunity to prove what we can do.