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Mia Almazan

Country of Origin: Mexico

Age of Arrival: 4 years old

Hometown Monte Alto, TX

Degree: Business management


The U.S. is the only home I’ve ever known. I know where I come from and I am not ashamed. I love my roots, customs, and traditions, but I learned to love this one too. I stood up every day in school and learned the National Anthem. I mourn the loss of the soldiers that fight for our freedom and respect their bravery. I hear about so many places where people aren’t as lucky, and it reminds me of how lucky I am to be here. The Dream.US is a huge part of helping me continue these amazing traditions by helping me get an education and become an integrated member of society.


I want to work for a huge corporation after I graduate and obtain a stable job to provide for myself and my family. I want to be able to help my parents with their bills and other payments and then buy my own place. Eventually, I hope to become my own boss by establishing my own business. College by way of The Dream.US scholarship will help me make connections and create my own future.


No one in my family finished high school or went to college. My older sister, who is 23, and I are the only ones who have obtained a high school diploma. We are the first generation to go to college. My parents immigrated into this country when my siblings and I were really small. They have worked in the fields for years trying to provide for us, because, without papers, no one wants to hire them. They are hard working and loving parents.

Like many, my parents wanted a better life for their family. My parents left all our friends and family behind looking for something better, knowing no one in this new country. Once here, they looked for jobs but no one would hire them because they lacked papers and education. Someone offered my parents a job in the fields, and, though it was hard work with extremely harsh conditions, my parents knew it was the only way to provide for our family in the valley. They have worked there since.


As field workers, there are days when there is enough money, but, when the season is over, things get a little tough. We struggle trying to make ends meet. I have DACA, but if the program ends, I could lose my ability to go to school and achieve my dreams.

I was raised here since I can remember. I live in a household of seven with my mom, step-dad, grandmother, two sisters and one brother.  Learning a new language wasn’t really that difficult, because I was brought here at a very young age. I was always good at school and loved playing sports. Growing up, my school always took us to go see the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. I came to know the school inside and out. It was really close to home and I loved the campus. In high school, I started taking dual-enrollment classes and realized that most of my classes would transfer to this college.

I think this is my family’s country too. I didn’t ask to be brought here, but it happened, and I’m thankful because this country is amazing. DACA is an amazing program, because it allows everyone to win. Applicants are able to work here legally and the government gets money. We are able to pay taxes and everything. This programs allows undocumented people to do things right. Ending the program will not stop immigration, it will only cause it to be illegal. On the contrary, with DACA, the government can keep record of who we are but if it ends this will no longer be.