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New Survey of TheDream.US Scholars Details How Covid-19 is Affecting DREAMers


For Immediate Release: April 3, 2020

Contact: Michael Earls: [email protected]


New Survey of TheDream.US Scholars Details How Covid-19 is Affecting DREAMers

“In Their Own Words” Survey Report Finds Economic Toll and Rising Mental Health Anxieties – Latest Reminder Why DACA Population Should Be Included in Ongoing Support and Recovery Efforts

Washington, DC – A new survey report from TheDream.US, the nation’s largest college scholarship program for DREAMers, details how Covid-19 is affecting the lives of nearly 1,700 TheDream.US Scholars, most of whom have DACA. The survey report, In Their Own Words: The Impact of Covid-19 on DREAMers,” finds that TheDream.US Scholars are worried about covid-19 and are already reporting significant job and wage losses; increased need for mental health and anxiety supports; and concerns over paying for rent and food.

Key findings from “In Their Own Words: The Impact of Covid-19 on DREAMers” include:

  • 80% of working Scholars report a loss in income: Of the 76% of respondents who report working while in school, 80% of those reporting losing income already, due to factors such as work hours being reduced or job loss.
  • 57% of working Scholars have lost their job, either on a temporary or permanent (layoff) basis.
  • 58% of Scholars report needing mental health support services, such as counseling, online resources, and support groups.
  • 65% of Scholars report needing assistance for paying for rent/utilities and 48% report needing assistance for food/meals.

As one TheDream.US Scholar says in the survey report, “[I’m] worried about everything: rent, food, medical care etc., that my family and I might need and might not get if there’s no work to pay for basic needs.” Another Scholar notes, “Although I currently have a job, my parents have lost theirs and I am now the head of household. I’m stressed and unsure of how this will affect my entire household in the future.”

According to Candy Marshall, President of TheDream.US, “‘In Their Own Words’ not only reminds us that DREAMers are facing heightened health worries and economic anxieties due to the impact of covid-19, but are doing so while their own futures remain uncertain due to the precarious state of DACA. At a time when we are all in this fight against Covid-19 together and are thankful for the ongoing contributions of the 27,000 DACAmented healthcare workers and other immigrants at the frontlines of our recovery and containment efforts, we should be sure that DREAMers are included in ongoing efforts to support and stabilize the economy, including by extending DACA status.”

  • Read a detailed summary of “In Their Own Words: The Impact of Covid-19 on DREAMers” here

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