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New TheDream.US Application Round for Dreamers’ Scholarships Now Open


For Immediate Release: November 1, 2023

Contact: Michael Earls at [email protected] 

New TheDream.US Application Round for Dreamers’ Scholarships Now Open

Building on its first decade of providing opportunities for Dreamers, the largest college and career success program for immigrant youth opens new scholarship round

Find out more and how to apply at: https://www.thedream.us/scholarships/ 

Washington, D.C. – TheDream.US, the nation’s largest scholarship and career success program for immigrant youth, opened its newest scholarship application round today (details here) to support the higher education and career goals of Dreamers with and without Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporary Protected Status (TPS). The new application round opens as TheDream.US plans to celebrate its first decade of operation next February, having awarded more than 10,000 scholarships over the past decade to one of more than 80 Partner Colleges in 21 states and Washington, DC.

TheDream.US scholarships are open to undocumented immigrant students with or without DACA or TPS who came to the U.S. before the age of 16 and before November 1, 2018. There are two types of scholarships to apply for, depending on the home state of the applicant:

  • TheDream.US Opportunity Scholarship is for students who live in targeted, locked-out states where they cannot access in-state tuition. The Opportunity Scholarship provides up to $80,000 to cover tuition, fees, and on-campus housing and meals for a bachelor’s degree. Deadline for applications is January 31, 2024.
  • TheDream.US National Scholarship is for high school graduates or those currently/previously enrolled in college to attend a Partner College in their state. The National Scholarship is for tuition and fees up to $19,500 for an associate’s degree and $39,000 for a bachelor’s degree. Deadline for applications is February 29, 2024.

Find more information about TheDream.US scholarships and how to apply at https://www.thedream.us/scholarships/ 

Gaby Pacheco, newly appointed president and CEO of TheDream.US, stated, “We are excited to build on our first decade of success and open up our newest scholarship application round for driven Dreamers with and without DACA to pursue their higher education and career dreams. As I step into my role at this pivotal time for our organization and our students, I reflect on my own journey from an undocumented student to a U.S. citizen and now President and CEO of the largest scholarship and success program for immigrant youth. Like the more than 10,000 Scholars we have supported, I grew up in this nation, attended its schools, and received the gift of education thanks to believers in my potential. Like me, I know our Scholars have a lot to offer if given the opportunity to help our nation grow and thrive.” 

About TheDream.US

TheDream.US is the nation’s largest college and career success program for undocumented immigrant students, having provided more than 10,000 college scholarships to Dreamers attending over 80 partner colleges in 21 states and Washington, DC. We believe everyone, regardless of where they were born, should have equitable access to a college education, a meaningful career, and opportunities to contribute to the communities they call home. For more information on TheDream.US, visit www.thedream.us.