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New TheDream.US Help Desk and Process Improvements

Dear Partner Colleges,

We are working with ISTS to put people and systems in place so we can better support you in serving our Scholars.

NEW – Growing our Team to Better Serve You

TheDream.US is reorganizing and adding resources:

  • Gaby Pacheco is managing our advocacy, fundraising, and media relations;
  • Tania Wilcox and Sadhana Singh (one of our newly graduated Scholars!) are managing our PC and Scholar programs and communications;
  • Hyein Lee, who joined us from CUNY, is managing our program measurement, evaluation, and learning efforts; and
  • Elena Salorio, joining us from ISTS on October 1, will manage our scholarship programs, including our award and payment processes.

NEW – Partner College Help Desk – [email protected]

In order to better respond to PC inquiries, ISTS has created a Partner College Help Desk.  Lydie-Claire Kerrigan will join Michelle Hoover in managing our application, renewal and payment processes.

Please direct the scholarship program questions to them at [email protected]:

  • Status of payments and refunds;
  • Scholar’s acceptance or renewal status;
  • Whether an applicant or Scholar meets the eligibility criteria; and
  • Anything specifically related to the Scholarship Program.

CONTINUING – Your Relationship Manager

You can continue to reach out to your Relationship Manager (RM) from TheDream.US with programmatic questions.  These include:

  • Loss of DACA/TPS status and its effect on in-state tuition or student’s ability to complete;
  • How to close the gap between our award and the cost of tuition and fees;
  • System difficulties such as holds on accounts or late payments;
  • Opportunities to promote the scholarship in your region; and
  • Effective practices for supporting our Scholars.

We will investigate and get back to you with a response. Our RM’s for PCs by state are:

California , Colorado, Nevada, Texas:  [email protected]

Florida: [email protected]

CUNY and Opportunity PCs: [email protected]

New Jersey and Virginia: [email protected]

Arizona, Illinois, Oregon, Washington, Arizona: [email protected]

Lastly, if you have not done so, remember to update this sheet by tomorrow, 9/21: Point of Contact and Mailing Address

Please fill all information on the sheet since it goes to an external vendor for distribution of the promotional materials.

In gratitude for all that you do,

TheDream.US Team