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NEW! TheDream.US Request Form for National Scholars

Greetings to our PC Teams!

We hope that the Fall term is going well for each of you!

We are introducing a new form for our Scholars to request Breaks in Enrollment or an exception to our Scholarship guidelines. This new form, TheDream.US Request Form, will be available to all of our National Scholars in their ISTS Scholar Portal. This form covers most requests/exceptions that Scholars currently email to ISTS Program Support or TheDream.US staff. We are letting you know of this form before we announce it to the Scholars later this month.

The following scenarios are covered by this new Request Form:

  • Breaks in Enrollment (upcoming breaks, retroactive break, or request more than the allotted allowable breaks)
  • Requests to transfer to another PC
  • Loss of scholarship eligibility
    • Renewal was denied because of a low GPA*
    • Renewal was denied because Scholar maxed out on time to use scholarship*
    • Renewal was denied because Scholar maxed out on funds*
    • Scholar did not complete the renewal form by the deadline
    • Scholarship was withdrawn

*These exceptions require the scholar to provide a copy of their most recent transcript and a degree audit showing the number of classes completed and classes/terms still needed to complete their degree.


Here is what this change means for our Scholars and you:

For our Scholars:

  • No need to call or email ISTS Program Support for any of the above reasons
  • Scholars will answer the required questions, upload required documents, and submit the Request Form within their ISTS Portal.

For our Scholar Advisors:

  • Directing Scholars to their ISTS Portal to complete TheDream.US Request Form for any Break in Enrollment and Exception Requests
  • No need to reach out to ISTS or TheDream.US on Scholars’ behalf for these requests

Once we have reviewed their Request, Scholars will be notified by email of our decision in 2-3 weeks. Not all appeals will be granted, and our decision is final. 

➡️ If you have questions about this new form, we will be on Zoom this Friday 10/15 at 2:00 PM ET for 30 mins to answer your questions. Find link in original email to join us anytime during the half-hour.


TheDream.US Team