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Nonprofit aims to help immigrant parents navigate US school system for kids

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Francisco is a young entrepreneur who loves working with his hands. His dream is to start his own company, but it never seemed very realistic until now.

“I will be attending Texas A&M San Antonio and I will be studying business,” Francisco said.

Francisco is a first-generation college student. However, he wasn’t sure college would be in the cards for him since another term to define him is undocumented immigrant.

“Sometimes you feel like separated from everybody because they’re like, ‘oh you’re an immigrant, you’re not from here.’ So, sometimes it’s harder for you because people categorize you,” Francisco said.

He says his parents worked hard to make sure he was taking full advantage of his education.

“My mom legit, she took English classes just to try to help me with school. So that was a major impact for me and I was so grateful for it.”

No matter how hard his parents worked, it was still difficult for his family to navigate the U.S. education system, especially considering the added challenges undocumented students face.


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