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Number of Applications per Partner College

Greetings to our National Partner Colleges!

To help you with the recruitment of Scholars, below you will find the number of students who have started their scholarship application as of today for your college. We know from past experience, that from 100 applications started, only 10 will become actual Scholars.  Remember the application deadline is March 8th.

This is where your involvement is so important. Please start reaching out to these students to encourage them to complete their applications. Your college Applicant Information report found in the ISTS portal will show the names and contact info for these students.  Let your Relationship Manager know if you cannot access your report.

We ask that you please start texting, calling, or emailing them ASAP. These students need our support!

Here are some ideas of what you can share when you contact your Applicants:

  • An instructional video on how to complete the application: National Scholarship Instructional Video
  • TheDream.US is hosting Question & Answer Webinars on the first Wednesday of February and March from 7 – 8:00 PM EST to answer any questions regarding the application. Students may register for the webinars by clicking here.
  • Students can contact ISTS Customer Care to get answers about the application. Phone: 1-855-670-4787;  Email: [email protected]

Our best,

TheDream.US Team

TheDream.US National Scholarship Applications are still open. The deadline to apply is Feb 29, 2024.

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