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Office Hours #2 and How to Thank TheDream.US Donors

2024 New Scholars:

The funding that allows us to support your college education comes from generous private donors who care about the financial inequities facing undocumented college students, and who believe in your ability to succeed in college. 

When you accepted TheDream.US award, your first Scholar Commitment is to thank these donors – we often share your letters/cards with them and they love hearing from you!

If you haven’t yet sent your Thank you letter, read on for some quick tips on how to do so before August 8th.

How to write a Thank you note:

– Be heartfelt and sincere in expressing your gratitude.Give specifics about what this opportunity means for you or how it will impact your life.
-Feel free to be creative and show your personality – you may use art, stickers, drawings, crafts, etc.
-Include your full name and app ID so we know who sent it!

Where to mail your Thank you note:
Mail your letters/cards to:
TheDream.US Scholarship Program
PO Box 6348
Wilmington, DE 19804


Our private Scholars’ Facebook Group is only open for a short time this summer to allow you to join and benefit from our vibrant community of 7,000+ Scholarship recipients, past and present. If you haven’t yet, please click here now.

Office Hours #2 – All About Stipends is happening this Thursday! 
June 20th at 6:00 pm ET (adjust for your own time zone)
Zoom link here (no need to register)

See you soon, 

TheDream.US Team